SIAL CHINA 2018--[2018-05-24]
SIAL China 2017--[2017-01-05]
Attend The 95th National Sugar & Wine Trade Fair In 2016--[2017-01-05]
Attend 17th Chengdu Food and Drinks Fair--[2016-03-28]
Attended Fall Nanjin Food and Drinks Fair--[2015-10-30]
Attend Linyi Korea Commodity Expo--[2015-10-30]
Attend Tianjin Trade and Investment Expo--[2015-06-10]
Attend Jinan Korea Commodity Expo--[2015-06-10]
Attend 16th Shanghai SIAL Expo--[2015-06-10]
Attend Chengdu Food and Drinks Fair--[2015-04-27]
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